Beer of the Week: WET from Surly Brewing

Courtesy Surly Brewing Company
WET, a new wet-hopped dank IPA
Local hopheads are looking forward to Surly's 6th annual SurlyFest this Saturday, September 21. If you didn't manage to snag tickets to the sold out event, you can still head to the Surly taproom to get a taste of their newest release, Surly WET, a special IPA that is this week's Beer of the Week. 

"WET is extremely limited this year," says Linda Haug, director of restaurant operations for Surly. "Many of the bars and other outlets that received it on Monday and Tuesday of this week are already sold out."
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WET is on tap in Surly's taproom starting this Wednesday until it sells out. The new brew is made from fresh-picked Centennial and Cascade hops.

"This year we used hops that were grown in Michigan, but in years past we used hops from out west," says Haug. "Two of the women co-owners of Hop Head Farms drove them out themselves, and the hops were in process within 15 hours of being picked." 

With ten pounds of wet hops per barrel, this resinous and dank IPA is unique in more ways than one. 

"The nature of this beer is that it will vary from year to year," Haug says. "Not only in that the hop varieties change, [but also that] growing conditions vary, producing different flavor profiles and, this year, an entirely different terroir."

The brewery is already looking forward to planning its next Darkness Day, Saturday, October 26th, when they will release the Russian imperial stout.

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Surly Brewing Company

520 Malcolm Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN

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I went to the store Mon, Tues, and Wednesday and was told on Wednesday that they stocked them that day and sold out an hour before my arrival! :(  Well, hopefully the other guy was right and I'm not missing out with my Summit Saga at home.  Love that IPA.


i gotta say, i'm a huge surly fanboy, and prefer furious and overrated. i've gone out of my way in the past to hunt down wet, and preached it's goodness to all. last year i missed it it sold out so fast. i almost shat when i saw it in the store last night, and grabbed a 4 pack. i tried to remain calm while i poured one, but my wife could sense my excitement. THEN, i took a drink, and i do have to say, it's not anywhere near as good as previous years. i drank 2, just to make sure. just not as hoppy or fresh tasting as before. i then had a saga, and it was way more delicious. considering i can get 12 of them for 3$ less than 4 wets, i will not be buying the wet again, at least not this year. disappointed.

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