City Pages wins national Association of Food Journalists Award

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Former City Pages writers Andy Mannix and Mike Mullen have won the prestigious AFJ Award for the "Best Story on Food Policy or Food Issues," the Association of Food Journalists announced today. The two won the prize for their February 2012 City Pages cover story, "Milk Money."

"Milk Money" exposes a practice known as "herd retirement," the slaughter of a half a million cows in order to drive up prices. Cooperatives Working Together -- a consortium of the top dairy companies, including Land O' Lakes -- pushed "herd retirement" price fixing in 2003 and the move earned dairy companies as much as $11.7 billion.

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The second place winner of the 2013 AFJ Award for "Best Story on Food Policy or Food Issues," was Hanna Raskin of the Seattle Weekly for her piece, "Peaches and Dreams." Third place went to Carolyn Jung of Food Arts for her "Foie and Its Discontents."

This category was new to the contest this year, and reflects "changes in journalism as a whole, and food journalism in particular," according to the Association of Food Journalists. Here's a complete list of the 2013 AFJ Award winners.

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k2yeb topcommenter

I read that story. It was a well written one. However, that type of practice has gone on in agriculture for generations. In other countries too. Recently egg farmers in (France?) destroyed hundreds of thousands of eggs in protest of current prices. The diamond industry does it on a global scale. I don't believe some of them can even have offices in the US due to fair competition and price fixing laws. 

The sad thing is the more informed one gets the harder it is to feel you have any sense of control or power to stop the injustice. 

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