Rosita at Bull Run Coffee Bar: A primped and perfumed drink of the week

Rosita plays it subtle and sweet with hints of rose water and cardamom.

Bull Run Coffee Bar

That occasional nip in the air, the increase of school bus bottlenecks, planners and pens on sale at the drugstore instead of flip flops and sunnies: Now's the time to fuel up and get things done. But that doesn't mean your coffee landscape is all utilitarian gas-station and chain-store joe; a kick in the pants that still tastes like a dreamy day in sun can be yours with Bull Run Coffee Bar's Rosita.

Rosita's beguiling combination of elements is alluring, spicy, and sweet. Served neat and chilled, this pretty pick-me-up combines cold press concentrate with rose water, cardamom simple syrup, and luscious, high quality cream, with no ice, extra bulk, or liquid to get in the way. Considering the tricky ingredients, the flavors are balanced and surprisingly sophisticated. Elegantly simple, the Rosita feels like it could be found on the dessert menu of a schmancy restaurant. Lucky for you, it's the affordable little shot of blissful decadence revving your morning engine and coasting you through that newly ambitious to-do list.

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Bull Run Coffee Bar

3446 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: General

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