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Joy Summers
A third location of Spyhouse now open in Northeast
Bathed in early morning sunlight, Spyhouse Coffee at the corner of Broadway and Central in Northeast Minneapolis is bustling.

"They only just opened yesterday," a customer in line remarks. "Really? I thought they'd been here longer," her companion replies. Already at home in the converted warehouse space, Spyhouse has slipped right into the morning routine of many Nordeasterners.

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Joy Summers
Hot and frothy foam art
Inside, the space is lit by bright, airy windows and adorned with varying shades of reclaimed wood. Old maps, sepia colored photographs, and local art decorate the walls.

Joy Summers
Rustic appearance, artful menu
The menu offerings are the same as those available at Spyhouse's other locations. The Matahari is always a safe bet: espresso blends with lush milk, a thread of honey, and warm cinnamon spice for the perfect fall standby. Finished with a little latte art, the drink comes prepared more quickly than at some frou-frou coffee shops and without a trace of snobbery.

Joy Summers
Just as with the other locations, Spyhouse sells beans directly from roasters, including Verve Coffee out of Santa Cruz, Stumptown Coffee from Portland, OR (roasted in Brooklyn, for extra hipster cred), and Cafe Grumpy in Brooklyn.

Joy Summers
Beans and brew methods
Other recent openings -- notably 612 Brew right around the corner -- have enlivened the collection of buildings where the new Spyhouse is situated. Although a new edition to the neighborhood, this hip, laid-back coffee shop is filled with friends chatting and clacking away on their laptops. It's hard to believe Spyhouse hasn't been here all along.

945 Broadway Ave. NE, Minneapolis

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@steventurous can see the uptown location out my apt window.. best coffee in town by a long shot.


Oh yes @m.rawkk, history has proven that only ONE coffee shop can exist in any given neighborhood and that ONLY places that have existed for years can provide a quality environment for its patrons. Let us never change or try to improve our neighborhoods nor challenge the status quo.


Diamond's coffee shop just two blocks down the street on Broadway has actually been in Northeast for ten years, in the building that birthed art-a-whirl. If you want the real NE experience and coffee with care, roasted in the neighborhood, not to mention baked goods from local small business entrepreneurs, then you know where to go.

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