Third Annual Boarfest Promises to Be a Meaty Delight

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Emily Utne
Party at the beer garden
Chef Jack Riebel has a twinkle in his eye. He's gearing up for the third annual Butcher and the Boar Boarfest on October 6th. "You're going to come, aren't you? It's gonna be big," says Peter Botcher, Riebel's right hand man and the sausage king of the Twin Cities. "You aren't going to believe the amount of meat we've got prepped for this year."

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In the subterranean kitchen of this beloved restaurant, these guys are already busy making some of their outstanding sausages. Even though they've expanded -- you can now find their cheddarwurst, bratwurst, hot links and summer sausages at select Lund's and Byerly's stores -- they still craft their links with the finest ingredients. Herbs are freshly chopped, spices are ground in small batches, and the cuts are ground into meaty ambrosia. For Boarfest, they've prepared a special Knob Creek Maple Boar sausage, along with a meat mountain's worth of their beloved sausages. There will be buckets of chilled, fresh oysters alongside grilled ones, prepared at their new outdoor kitchen.

Fit for quaffing will be a selection of suds from Fulton Brewery, including their new ginger ale which can be spiked with Knob Creek single barrel bourbon, New Knob Creek maple shots, and Pinnacle vodka lemonade.  

No ticket neccessary to attend

The first Boarfest was thrown before the restaurant was even open, and it's only gotten better with the addition of this brick-and-mortar venue. This year the event will get rolling at the crack of noon on Sunday, October 6th and run through 10 p.m., rain or shine.

In addition to all the meaty goodness, a line-up of musical entertainment includes bands like Drew Peterson & the Dead Pigeon, Solid Gold, and Davina and the Vagabonds.

Admission is free, but food and drink will be extra.

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Butcher & the Boar

1121 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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