UMAMI by Travail will open next week [UPDATE]

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Kara Buckner
More tidbits on the way from Travail

It's been a banner week for the folks behind Travail. First they killed their Kickstarter campaign, raising their goal amount of money in just over five and a half hours. (By now, they're almost up $100,000 above their original goal). Now, they've gotten the all-clear from the health department to open their much anticipated pop-up restaurant.

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UMAMI by Travail in the former Louisiana Fried Chicken space on Broadway and Bryant Avenue North, will open next Wednesday September 18th. 

UMAMI's menu was inspired by Travail's one-day takeover of the Hola Arepa truck last month. It will be inventive cuisine with an Asian flair, including items like dim sum and street food fare. Items available will include ramen, soy wings, steamed buns and more. UMAMI will be open 5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. through Saturday, serving wine and beer as well.

Tickets to dine at Umami will be available online. Those guests will be treated to a multi-course tasting menu. For those who would like to just grab and go, they will have some dishes available a la carte for take-away. Chef Brown assured us that everything will be very reasonably priced.

::UPDATE:: Order tickets online here.

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Umami huh?  That's the Japanese word for the flavor of MSG [Monosodium Glutamate]

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

@j.reiter More of a balance of flavors actually. Its a flavor profile that exists in a lot of food. Are you saying MSG is bad or where are you going with this...?


Hold up, that was a neutral and accurate comment. Authentic Japanese cooking uses msg, and it was also developed in Japan in the late 1800s. I'm probably going to try this place out, tired of all the Chinese owned "Japanese" restaurants in msp/stp.

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