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Alma Guzman

Union Restaurant and Rooftop's new seafood-focused concept, Union Fish Market, officially opened last week on the restaurant's main dining level. Offering fresh and sustainably-sourced fish from Nova Scotia, Lake Superior, and Hawaii, Union Fish Market will focus on simple preparations that are "free from pretentiousness."

Let's take a peek at what that means for the menu.

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For now Union Fish Market will only be open for dinner. Chef's specialties include butter-poached Maine Lobster with lemongrass consommé; skate wing with brown butter and roasted hazelnuts; and an Asian-inspired charred Dungeness crab dish with sesame, chili, lime, sambal, and sticky rice. 

There's a small raw bar with ahi sashimi, raw abalone, and an intriguing-sounding razor clam crudo with buttermilk and peaches. The small plates lean more towards the style of food served on Union's rooftop and in the old dining room -- items like shrimp corn dogs, lobster banh mi, and grilled mussel ramen.

On the more traditional, Oceanaire-like end of the seafood spectrum, Union is also offering several items "simply grilled" and served with an unfussy side dish and sauces like bearnaise, bordelaise, or drawn butter. Purists will also appreciate the jumbo lump crab cakes, cioppino, and basket of fish and chips.

The wine, beer, and cocktails menu looks fairly similar to the one from Union's former formal dining level. You can check out Union's Facebook page for more info on specials, hours, and private dining.

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Union Restaurant & Rooftop

731 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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jason.dorweiler topcommenter

Free of pretentiousness? That followed by a lobster bahn mi at $12...don't get me wrong, I'm sure the food is just fine here but please stop doing bahn mi. You could get 4 traditionally done and still have some change left over. 

Rick Miller
Rick Miller

Ate some appetizers there a couple of weeks ago-seemed like a great place. Definitely would go again and go for some seafood

Steve Rood
Steve Rood

Umm, a few things Randall. Union is where Shinder's was. If you want to vent your Palomino rage, take that out on Crave. Second, where are financial problems mentioned in the article? Lastly, why don't you just eat there before you post a bunch of negativity? I did, last Friday...and it was fantastic. A marked improvement. Good for them. Or, just stay home and reminisce about the good old days of Steak & Ale and cassette tapes. Knock yourself out.

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

financial problems already? bring back Palomino

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