Brau Brothers open taproom in Marshall

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Having announced their move from tiny Lucan, Minnesota, to the nearby town of Marshall, Brau Brothers Brewing Company officially opened their new taproom on Oct. 4. The new facility is 37,000 square feet compared to the original location's 5,000, and sits in a converted retail space along highways MN-23 and US-59. The new building isn't just Lyon County's first commercial brewery, it's also ample opportunity for Brau Brothers to grow. Think more room for aging barrels, a larger taproom, greater highway accessibility, and their own on-site lab for industrial research.

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The 13-year-old brewery first formed as a brewpub in Lucan, 20 miles from Marshall, before expanding into production brewing in 2006. The company's growth outpaced the resources available in Lucan, and prompted the move to a larger site.

The Marshall taproom, which has a capacity of 260, has already welcomed over 1,100 customers, and poured twice as many pints in its first two weekends. Already providing 25 additional jobs to the community, Brau Brothers is off to a big start in its new home.


"We have received tremendous support from the city of Marshall, area businesses and organizations, local beer lovers, and those new to the craft beer scene," says co-owner and CEO/brew master Dustin Brau. "This project would have been undoable without the support, both direct and indirect, of the people of Marshall, Minnesota. We look forward to the future of beer in Lyon County and southwest Minnesota!"

Marshall is about 150 miles southwest of the Twin Cities.

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swmnguy topcommenter

Wow, that's great!  I grew up in Marshall. At the time, the best beer available was a Schmidt Big Mouth.  Eventually the biker bar I went to would stock St. Pauli Girl and a couple other imports.

Too bad the Brau Brothers left Lucan. They had to be the best thing that happened to that town in the past 75 years.  I sure hope they do well in Marshall.  There's a college there, so there may be more of a local clientele.  There are a lot of Belgians in that part of Minnesota.  Time to re-awaken them to drinking decent beer, instead of the Bud Lite they tend to favor in those parts.

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