Downtown Minneapolis McDonald's will close

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If you work downtown, your Big Mac lunch this week might be your last -- for a little while, at least. The only McDonald's location in downtown Minneapolis has announced it will close its doors this Friday, though whether or not it will return is still up in the air.

If McDonald's does return, it will likely be in the form of a more upscale concept, like the McCafe, the chain's recent attempt to harness the popularity of cozy coffee shops.

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According to Giovanni Cordoves of KBS Realty, this change from the old school McDonald's is part of a larger overhaul to the Gaviidae Common building off the Nicollet Mall. Formerly an indoor mall and home to high-end retailer Neiman Marcus, the building will soon be be converted almost entirely into office space.

"It's no longer a mall," says Cordoves. "There's no longer a need for a food court."

Instead, the food options will move from the fourth floor State Fare food court to discrete restaurant spaces on the first and second floors. According to the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal, the one remaining tenant from the food court, Andrea Pizza, is already working on moving down to the skyway level.

As for when the golden arches will return to downtown Minneapolis, Cordoves says KBS is in talks with McDonald's to get the chain back into Gaviidae Common.

"We're not going to recreate what they have there now. We're hoping to create something a little nicer. McDonald's has the McCafe concept, and Subway has a whole urban metro downtown concept."

Even if McDonald's does return, fast food lovers in the Downtown Metro will be reeling from the hiatus, especially just months after Taco Bell closed its one downtown location and Taco John's closed one of its two. Stay strong, fast-foodies. We're predicting a return of the Mac.

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Wow closing the food court for business space that will remain vacant for years, smart move.

MNjoe topcommenter

Didn't know there was one downtown.

Al McCarty
Al McCarty

I thought that said "Uptown McDonald's"...sigh, what a relief!

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

well for people on a budget this is a loss..we cant all afford to lunch at locally owned cafes..

Maria Gallagher
Maria Gallagher

Sad those people now have to try and find a new job.

Jean Claude Cau
Jean Claude Cau

There's always White Castle right across the river...

Kelly Hanson
Kelly Hanson

No loss... There are so many better places to eat at downtown for lunch. Many of them locally owned and distinctive to the MSP area.

Kenny Peterson
Kenny Peterson

Umm - how do you get your window smashed in a fast food restaurant in a food court on the fourth floor of a shopping mall?.


I'd like to speak for all fatties. Putting a McD's on the 4th floor of a building makes it too hard to get to the food. Please consider a ground level location so I don't need to ride up 3 escalators or risk exceeding the maximum capacity on the elevator.

Nathan Conley
Nathan Conley

Same thing happened in Duluth 8? years back. Now a Starbucks.

ajlalk3 topcommenter

@Kelly Hanson And only $5-10 more expensive too!

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