White Rose at Haute Dish: A frothy, snow-white drink of the week

Tatiana Craine
The ever-light and airy White Rose at Haute Dish.
Haute Dish on Washington Avenue in the North Loop may be known for chef Landon Schoenefeld's imaginative spins on comfort food classics, but this dining hot spot also has plenty of cocktails that'll knock your socks off.

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While Haute Dish shares a block with both Sex World and Anytime Fitness, the interior of the restaurant is the picture of old-world sophistication. There's a small waiting area populated with couches and a large, regal portrait right when you step in. Additionally, there's plenty of seating near the bar and beyond -- all the way through the back of the dimly lit restaurant. However, for the best seat in the house, belly up to the very well-stocked bar for our snow-colored drink of the week, the White Rose.

Tatiana Craine
The whiskey-oriented side of the bar at Haute Dish.
Haute Dish's take on the White Rose blends gin, egg white, rose water, and a touch of cherry liqueur for a blissfully buoyant cocktail that won't weigh you down.

With each of the ingredients combined and rattled to sudsy goodness in a cocktail shaker, the bartender poured a small nip to taste and added a little more rose water. Before long, we were on our way to cloud nine.

Tatiana Craine
Look at the dimples on that egg white!
Despite a vigorous mixing, the egg white stayed afloat atop the cream-colored drink -- almost like a frothy meringue, but not nearly as thick. However, as we sipped, the liquid and egg froth combined, and the White Rose took on the ever-creamy taste of egg white with a hint of sweet, acidic citrus for balance.

As usual with egg-mixed drinks, the foam clung to the side of the glass as we drained it dry... which prompted us to dip a finger in and scoop out the excess. The foam was just as divine and airy as it was with the rest of the drink.

While this drink won't get you through the winter (best to stick with the classic whiskey or beer), it's a lovely reminder of the not-so-distant summer days.

White Rose
Plymouth Gin
Luxardo (Maraschino)
Rose water
Egg white

Tatiana Craine
Until we meet again, White Rose...

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Haute Dish

119 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN

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