Jake's Wayback Burgers brings nine-patty cheeseburger to Twin Cities

Double cheeseburger? Triple cheeseburger? How about a nonuple cheeseburger?

Hold on to your arteries, everybody. Jake's Wayback Burgers is bringing its Triple Triple Burger to Woodbury this month.

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According to Gillian Maffeo, director of marketing for Jake's Wayback Burgers, all of their burgers are hand-crafted, and made fresh and juicy just like burgers were made "way back when."

We're not sure when exactly in the "way back when" burger joints were throwing nine patties on a hamburger bun, but who are we to quibble?

The Triple Triple was the brainchild of one of the Jake's Wayback Burgers franchisees, and after a brief test run at a Springfield, Massachusetts location, made it onto the national chain's menu in 2013. Around August and September each year, Jake's hosts a Triple Triple burger eating contest. This year's winner, a man in Philadelphia, finished the nine-patty monstrosity in 30 seconds.

That's 30 ounces of beef and 9 slices of cheese (plus the bun, lettuce, and tomato) in 30 seconds.

You don't have to wait for competition burger eating season to get your own; you can purchase a Triple Triple Burger year-round for about $15. (The price varies depending on the location, and can range from $12.99 to $19.99, but Maffeo says the price point typically hovers around $15.)

The tentative opening date for the Woodbury location is this Friday, but is subject to change. There are no other Minnesota locations currently in the works, so it looks like you'll be heading to Woodbury whenever your stomach rumbles for an extra 1,980 calories.

For updates on the opening, visit the Jake's Wayback Burgers website.

Coming soon:
Jake's Wayback Burgers
8470 City Center Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125

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I like how this article is right under MPLS being one of the top 10 healthiest for baby boomers.  Get me two of these

Jen Crowder
Jen Crowder

Comes with a free side of coronary stent!

k2yeb topcommenter

I wouldn't eat it, but who cares. To each their own.  

Alan Cloud
Alan Cloud

Thats about a weeks worth of calories...

Sarah Jappe
Sarah Jappe

Murder, waste & gluttony are super cool!

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

lol @ this on national vegetarian day.

Joey LeMay
Joey LeMay

The single slice of tomato makes this unintentionally hilarious.


@Justin Falken 

WHY NOT is the question. The only thing I see wrong is that is missing a 1/2lb. of bacon.

swmnguy topcommenter

@Joey LeMay That is a brilliant touch.

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