Keen Eye Coffee now open in Standish-Ericsson

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Tony Nelson
Ignore the snow, but pay attention to the cross streets -- Keen Eye Coffee makes its home in former Tillie's Bean
Just kitty-corner to well-loved brewpub Northbound Smokehouse, Keen Eye Coffee quietly opened two weeks ago in the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood. The shop is making its home in the same space that was once Tillie's Bean, one of southeast Minneapolis's few independent coffee shops at the time it closed.

Based on the comments we overheard from almost every customer during our short visit, the neighborhood is excited to have Keen Eye open for business. Here's what we saw in the bakery case, on the menu board, and in our coffee mugs.

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"What can I get you?" the bright-eyed barista asked the first-in-line customer. 

"A stable, functioning government," the customer responded. "But barring that, I'll take a macchiato."

Oh, that guy. Lucky for him, the coffee here is pretty good. Keen Eye serves all the standard espresso drinks with beans that are locally roasted at B&W Speciality Coffee Co., teas from Mighty Leaf, and hot cider. They also make a solid effort with the milk foam art, though we've seen some pretty elaborate work elsewhere around town.

Emily Weiss
A eye-opening latte 

In addition to the coffee bar menu, they're serving a small selection of homemade baked goods like white chocolate raspberry cheesecake bars; walnut, coconut, and chocolate dream bars; buttery soft caramels; beer cheese scones; and vegan chocolate muffins.

Emily Weiss
Keen Eye's interior: Looks a lot like Tillie's Bean, for now
There's also some light lunch items including soups, salads, and wrap sandwiches.

Keen Eye is sure to be appreciated by its close neighbors and should be a convenient stop for anyone on their way to or from the 38th St. Light Rail station.

2803 38th St. E., Minneapolis
Monday through Friday: 6:30 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Tillie's Bean - CLOSED

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