Maria's vs. Victor's: Clash of the corn cakes

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Amy Dahlin
Maria's corn cake sprinkled with cotija cheese.

Round 2: The cake
Creamy and dense, Victor's cake will juice you up enough to power through a morning of snow-shoveling or cross-country skiing. There might be creamed corn added to their typical pancake batter, giving it that great earthy taste not found in wholly flour-based batters. Maria's cake is lighter and more crumbly -- could corn meal be in the batter? -- and settles softly in the gut.

Amy Dahlin
Victor's corn cake with a side of chorizo.

Round 3: The sides
We ordered a side of chorizo links to go along with Victor's corn cake. They were a great, salty complement to the creamy sweetness of the cake. Unfortunately the scoop of butter on the cake was so cold that it was tough to evenly spread before it cooled off. Maria's cake is served plain, but it should be ordered with a side of cotija cheese as a garnish. The saltiness of the cheese mixes beautifully with easily spreadable butter already melting into that corn-y goodness.

The winner is...

Maria's Cafe. The décor is as forgettable as any VFW outpost, and the rest of the menu is basic diner fare; Victor's offers far more diverse and tasty breakfast/brunch options. But Maria's corn cake shines. We'll be returning to enjoy this ethereal, sweet and savory option whenever we wish to remember those wasted days and wasted nights.

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