Top 10 Bloody Marys in the Twin Cities

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Peggy from AMC's Mad Men
The Bloody Peggy just doesn't have the same ring to it
The Bloody Mary: Some like it hot, some like it extra hot, and some like it with an entire meal's worth of garnishes piled on top. From the stacked to the spicy to the newest out-of-the-box spin on this breakfast cocktail, we've sipped our way through the cities' best Bloody Marys and rounded up the top ten. Feast your eyes on the first five of our list, then get out and judge for yourself. Don't say we didn't warn you, though, if you get a bartender's stink-eye for ordering one of these after dark.

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Ben Lansky
Bloody Homer at Icehouse
10. Best Thick for the Thin
Icehouse's Simpsons-themed Bloody Homer, $11
Notable for its almost soup-like viscosity and the impressive amount of calories it packs into its garnishes -- which consist of a thick slab of chewy bacon skewered with a sugary mini donut -- the Bloody Homer at Icehouse is a brunch-only cocktail that's worth wading through the week for. Not down with so much pork in your drink? They make a vegetarian version appropriately called the Bloody Lisa that's finished with a skewer of house-made pickled veggies instead.
Emily Weiss
Smoked Poblano Bloody at Northbound 
9. Best Smoke and Spice
Northbound Brewpub's Smoked Poblano Bloody, $7.50
It's tough to go to Northbound and not order one of their own beers, but the brewpub has actually boasted a full bar since its inception. Recently they added their take on the classic tomato-based cocktail: a subtly smoky version with plenty of black pepper and poblano in the mix. Squeeze in a little lemon for balance and the whole thing really comes together. It's served with olives and a celery-salted rim, but the pair of smoked white cheddar cheese curds are best saved for your dessert. 

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