Pear Sidecar at Pittsburgh Blue: A subtly seasonal drink of the week

The Pear Sidecar hints at chillier temps to come while keeping it light and bright enough for an Indian summer evening sip.

Pear Sidecar
Pittsburgh Blue

It's no coincidence: While squirrels are busy stuffing their cheeks and tucking nuts away for winter, so too do we start padding ourselves for the big freeze. Suddenly, a center cut filet mignon goes from "too heavy" to crave-worthy, and a spirit-laden slow sipper is just what the doctor ordered. Satisfy your need for substance at Pittsburgh Blue, where the steaks are in charge and the Pear Sidecar provides the perfect blend of classic with a seasonal twist.

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The cocktail arrives frothy, picturesque, with a warm yellow hue reminiscent of turning leaves, imparted by a healthy dose of pear puree. In place of a more traditional sugared rim, this sidecar gets a light dusting of freshly grated nutmeg, providing a layer of spice and nutty fragrance without over-sweetening the mix of brandy, Cointreau, and lemon juice. Tart and light to start, this drink has a smooth, rich, and mellow depth of flavor akin to the best comfort food. With autumn's influx of pumpkin spice this or that in the beverage world, the taste of earthy, ripe pear is a welcome diversion into seasonality of a different nature.

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Pittsburgh Blue

3220 W. 70th St., Edina, MN

Category: Restaurant

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