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Joy Summers
A spread of beautiful bar fare

The name leans on a couple of Minneapolis institutions -- 7th St. Entry and Eat Street Social come to mind -- but Seventh Street Social is something all its own. Transforming the former Parish's Supper Club (née Casa Vieja), this new eatery has a little bit of everything.

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The dining room has gotten a complete overhaul, leaving it open and filled with light. There is space here for a large communal table, big booths, a smattering of four tops scattered through two rooms, more booths, and the bar, which allows still more seating for those seeking a casual beer and bite.

Joy Summers
Happy hour mushroom cocktail topped with blue cheese
In typical West Seventh style, the happy hour doesn't skimp on options. Food special prices range from $2-$5, and include cheese curd-draped fries with optional pot roast gravy (which in our opinion should be mandatory), a mushroom cocktail, shrimp tacos, and more. There are beer, house wine, and well drink discounts from 4 to 6 p.m.  and again from 10 p.m. to midnight Monday through Friday.

Joy Summers
They aren't calling it poutine, but the tell tale components are there
The double-fried French fries are ultra-crisp and topped with parsley, garlic bits, and fresh Wisconsin cheese curds. The dish resembles the suddenly ubiquitous Canadian specialty poutine, without ever mentioning the name. Whatever they're calling them, they make for a fine dish paired with a cold beer. The beer list includes several varieties from nearby Summit, Flat Earth, Boom Island, Lift Bridge, Indeed, and Fulton, as well as the usual big-brewery selections. Hipsters, take heart: Both PBR and Old Style are available by the can.

Joy Summers
The only reason to weep is if you spill this Cry Baby Cry
They have also selected some gregarious souls with drink-making experience to man the bar. Working together they've created a cocktail list of balanced, imaginative drinks without ever using the dreaded "mixology" word. The Cry Baby Cry is a light fall delight made with hard apple cider, Prosecco, and ginger beer for $8.

Joy Summers
Everything about the room redo feels open, including the kitchen
Stacked with familiar dishes, the menu has a few select salads, burgers, sandwiches that you could find at other watering holes a few miles away. However, everything here leans more toward the gastropub style. Toasted couscous with Caribbean shrimp, broiled Skuna Bay salmon, and Ahi tuna crudo are listed alongside a pastrami Reuben, rib-eye steak, and crispy smoked chicken wings. The menu hits all the right notes, and it makes sense that Tobie Nidetz (menu whisperer for such spots as Ike's Cocktails, the Sample Room, and Rye Deli) had a hand in its creation.

Joy Summers
Dive in, you won't come up for air until it's gone
Let us for a moment consider that $12 Reuben. We thought that the one at Skinner's Pub had our hearts, until we got a load of this smokey, rich pastrami. It's tender, just salty enough to marry into that mound of mild sauerkraut, and topped with a layer of melted cheese and a swipe of dressing. That house-made meat is a thing of beauty piled on dark rye. The coleslaw was crispy and creamy with just a hint of sweetness.

For you cronut nuts, they've even got a +Kro-Nut -- a fried pastry filled with Nut Goodie cream from their neighbors at Pearson's and served with a dusting of sugar for $7.

Joy Summers
Plenty of booth room and serene decor
They haven't been open long, and owner Brian Glancy told us they purposely didn't do a big push the second they opened their doors. "It wasn't really a soft opening... more of an over-easy open," he says. They are still working on getting their sea-legs, but so far, they seem to understand what the neighborhood needs. Let the world now know, Seventh Street Social is ready for service.

Seventh Street Social, website
2117 W. Seventh St., St. Paul
Open Monday through Sunday 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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