Top 10 donuts in the Twin Cities

The rest of America may run on Dunkin', but we like our donuts local
For those of you who were in valiant pursuit of a better beach body this year, you're officially out of the woods with this most recent cold snap; for those of you who weren't, as you were. The season of indulgence kicks off somewhere right around now, and when it comes to treats, nothing satisfies quite like a donut: part cake, part fry, part pure, unadulterated sugar. You take it easy. We've taken the work out of scouting the best shops around town for your glazed, filled, or frosted needs -- from the classic to the experimental. Sit back and sink your teeth into our roundup of the Twin Cities' 10 best donuts.

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Emily Weiss
Mel-O-Glaze keeps it classic
10. Mel-O-Glaze, Plain raised glazed
4800 28th Ave. S., Minneapolis

Mel-O-Glaze has been a sugary pillar of the Keewaydin community for over 65 years, serving up crusty cake donuts, cinnamon-laced apple fritters, and jelly-filled Berliners in the few-frills family-run bakery. Though their pastry case is usually stocked with all kinds of goodies, the bakery is synonymous with the classic raised glazed donut, a tall and light yeasted donut with a thick, almost flaky layer of extra-sweet, ever-so-slightly lemony glaze. Serious sweet tooths may go for the one with the extra layer of chocolate frosting, but we purists appreciate the plain version.

Courtesy Mojo Monkey Facebook page
A better brand of breakfast bar
9. Mojo Monkey, Maple bacon bar 
1169 W. Seventh St., St. Paul

Many bakeries do the salty-and-sweet thing well, and even more look for any opportunity to cash in on the never-dying bacon craze, but with a great ability to capture and combine pure flavors, Mojo Monkey's maple bacon bar is the best of all those bests. The not-too-thick and not-too-thin layer of frosting has intense maple flavor, and the bacon strips are chewy-crisp, just the way we like them at breakfast. Think of the bar as a portable pancake feast, but more pillowy and more sinful.

Kelly Moritz
Serious cinnamon-sugar
8. The Lynn on Bryant, Buttermilk apple cider donut 
5003 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis

The crispy exterior of the Lynn on Bryant's buttermilk apple cider donut gives way to an interior cake that smacks of pure fall nostalgia. It's the kind of donut you can imagine hauling home by the bagful from your favorite U-pick orchard. Though it has buttermilk tang and cider goodness, it's the oh-so-crunchy, sugar-crusted exterior on this one that made us swoon.

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