Confirmed: True Thai closed [IMAGE]

Courtesy of True Thai
According to a sign posted outside of True Thai this afternoon, the award-winning Thai restaurant, which has been plagued with financial and legal problems recently, is indeed closed.

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Sign posted outside of True Thai

The sign, which thanks customers for their patronage, makes mention of the restaurant reopening, and entreats loyal fans to check the True Thai website for updates.

The closing comes on the heels of a tumultuous year for True Thai. As we reported on Hot Dish last month, owner Anna Fieser is currently engaged in a legal dispute with her former restaurant manager, Corey Whitechurch, over allegations of fraud and financial mismanagement. In the wake of this souring relationship, True Thai owed money to its food and wine distributors, its landlord -- even to the state of Minnesota.

An excerpt from our September 25 Trouble at True Thai post illustrates the mounting hurdles the restaurant was facing:

"It's a day-to-day struggle," [Fieser] says, adding that she's also considering downsizing the restaurant and focusing more on take-out and delivery. "We were about to be evicted. I borrowed money from relatives, everyone, just to stay open. I don't know what I'm going to do next."

Stay tuned to Hot Dish for further developments.

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My last experience there was so good, I left after a twenty minute wait because the restaurant forgot to ask for my name when he asked for the number of people in my party. When they called the three people that had arrived after us first, they didn't even apologize for their mistake.

The food may have been great, but if the staff can't say: "I'm sorry, we'll seat you next. Here is some tea as an apology," I'm just not surprised they couldn't get the customers to stay.

Only slightly better than the time the employee (because he wasn't a waiter) spilled a glass of ice water on my lap, and couldn't even bother to go get a towel. (I'm looking at you, Salsa a la Salsa in the Midtown Global Market.)

Nicole Krile
Nicole Krile

this place was awesome, sad to see it close :(

Deb Taylor
Deb Taylor

They made the best Pad Thai - Thai hot!!!

Brian Moen
Brian Moen

Randall, cause it was arguably the best? And it seems like the place was taken advantage of, though obviously poorly run at times.

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

I guess I have to ask why the TC`s seem to care so much..There are lots of Thai restaurants..

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