New restaurants coming to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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Soon-to-be food destination?
When you consider that all of their collective dishes have been referred to as culinary works of art -- that beautiful crust on a Rustica baguette, the soulful brew topped with delicate foam art from Dogwood Coffee, those stunning composed plates from chef Erick Harcey of Victory 44 -- it's no surprise that the joint venture from those three businesses, Stock & Badge, will soon have a presence at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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The front lobby of the MIA is being completely remodeled and reconfigured with additional amenities. Stock & Badge will replace the once D'Amico-run restaurant Mezzanine. The restaurant is currently closed, so if you're planning a museum visit soon, you might want to grab a snack first. (Thankfully, Eat Street is nearby).

That's not the only change. They are also redesigning the Family Center on the first floor, which will have a second Stock & Badge-run restaurant. Here, little art lovers and their tall people will be able to dine at Half Pint, a concept built specifically for kids.

Stock & Badge's first restaurant collaboration was Parka on East Lake Street in south Minneapolis. Their fine-brewed beverages and imaginative cuisine captured the hearts of the neighborhood as well as those with little kids. (We agreed that it was the Best Restaurant to Eat with Kids). The restaurant blew us away when it first opened, with entirely new and creative takes on Midwestern dishes. As it's aged, Parka has settled into a counter-service bistro with more straight-forward dishes, like a Cuban sandwich and beef stroganoff soup.

Stock & Badge hasn't yet announced when the new restaurants will be open for business, but promises it will happen "before the snow flies." That's just about any day now.

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You can still grab a bite to eat at the Dogwood coffee counter! Sandwiches and salads are their current offerings.

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