The Rabbit Hole opens today and here's a peek at the menu

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Are you ready to go down the Rabbit Hole?
It's official: This afternoon Thomas Kim and Kat Melgaard will welcome guests to the Rabbit Hole, the pair's second venture after their acclaimed Korean soul food spot, the Left-Handed Cook.

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Although the two did a majority of the build-out in the new space, with Kim building the dark wood booths and Melgaard adding her dreamy, punk-elegant aesthetics, they now have a full staff as well as a little help from their friends.

For instance, Birk Stefan Grudem, one-time bartender at the fabled Town Talk and more recent co-owner of Hola Arepa, helped mix a couple of cocktails as Kim hammered out the full bar menu. There will be all kinds of cocktails, including some on tap, some made by the glass, and they will also have wine, soju, and a well-selected beer list. Non-alcoholic beverages include Korean sodas, tea, regular sodas, and Vietnamese style coffee.

The menu is filled with easy-to-eat dishes that showcase the creative flair Kim is known for at the Left Handed Cook. The menu includes salads, such as the tart, crispy, crunchy broccoli salad with orange, red onion, almond and crispy rice for $6; small plates like charred long beans with onion, almond, and garlicky black bean sauce for $7; goobers, or good burgers, ranging from $10 to an $18 belly buster, topped with braised short ribs, seared pork belly, bacon, two cheeses, bourbon onions, arugula, hash browns, mustard, and a kimchi aioli; big plates like buttermilk fried pork cutlet with kimchi hash, grilled carrots, and roasted pearl onions for $16; and, for special occasions, a Ssam for two with grilled pork belly, braised short rib, grilled beef tongue, and Korean sausage -- a regular meat-palooza for $70.

They throw open their doors at 4 p.m. today, at the edge of Midtown Global Market. The first three hours of parking in the adjoining ramp are free with validation.

The Rabbit Hole, Facebook
920 East Lake Street, Minneapolis
Regular Hours: 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Tuesday - Thursday and Sunday, 4 p.m. - 11 pm Friday-Saturday
Closed Mondays (except today)

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Midtown Global Market

920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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Those hours are kind of bad, I'm a big fan of Midtown Global but it's not really a dinner spot; at least not that style of sit down dining. Maybe they'll make it work. Wish they'd have had lunch hours, they're going to miss a ton of business from Alina, etc. I still hope to try it, though.


Ssam for $70? That's stupid expensive. For $70 unlimited Hite and soju should be included.

Mary King
Mary King

Cool and welcome to the 'hood! Menu looks fabulous!


@JCVN  I've heard through the grape vine that lunch may come at a later date, but personally, midtown would be a great place for a rocking dinner spot. I won't have to drive around in circles looking for parking like I would typically have to do at some of my favorite late night spots. Just saying :) 

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