Top 10 Bloody Marys in the Twin Cities, Part 2

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Peggy from AMC's Mad Men
The Bloody Peggy just doesn't have the same ring to it

Last week we published our first installation of the various superlative bloodies around town. Some were thick, some were smoked, some were stacked, some involved a D.I.Y. spirit, and others involved spirits other than vodka. You have waited with bated breath and now we're ready to reveal our final five picks for these saucy ladies in red.

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Kelly Moritz
5. Best Worth the Drive
Ole Piper Inn's build-your-own Bloody Mary, $5.25
Nothing ever happens in Blaine? On game day you'd think it was the center of a purple universe. Just a hop, skip, and a jump out of town stands the Ole Piper Inn, home to a weekend Bloody Mary bar that puts citified spreads to shame. A little over five bucks gets you a celery salt-rimmed glass of Stoli and a snit, and then it's off to the build-your-own bar to make some tough decisions. Dailey's mix or Tabasco's? Pickled jalapeno or chipotle peppers? Should I really put shrimp cocktail in this? There are no wrong answers here, folks.

Emily Weiss
4. Best Use of a Beefstick
Cause Spirits & Soundbar's meat straw Bloody Mary, $7.50
Cause is one of the rare Minneapolis bars where you go to see bands and do shots at night, and still want to return the next morning for a little bloody breakfast (See also: Triple Rock Social Club). Even if you don't feel up to solid food yet, this meaty mother will help float you through your hangover and into lunch time. In addition to the skewer of cheese and pepperoni atop this cocktail, the bartenders at Cause use a regular straw as a sort of coring tool to remove the center of a beefstick, effectively making it your stirring implement, salty snack, and direct pipeline to this Worcestershire-heavy bloody.

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