Top 10 Bloody Marys in the Twin Cities, Part 2

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3. Best If You Are Broke and Hungry
 Lucky's 13's BLT Bloody Mary, $6.95
"You've gotta ask yourself a question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?" We definitely do when our weekend brunch cocktail comes with a beautiful BLT lagniappe and a 7-ounce beer back. Stacked with a whole quarter of a BLT sandwich, the Lucky's 13 BLT Bloody is a mellower version of its spicy brethren, but makes up for lack of heat with a healthy pour of vodka. We do wish there were more pickles involved, but it's hard to argue with crispy bacon, a light shmear of mayo, lettuce, and tomato on perfectly browned toast, plus a cocktail and a beer for $7. Helpful tip: Tackle the BLT as fast as you can, or the bread will get a little soggy from the Bloody Mary. As if you needed an excuse to snatch up that sammy.

Emily Weiss
2. Best Infused
Muddy Waters' fresh basil Bloody Mary, $9
Bright with the almost licorice-like freshness of basil infused vodka, Muddy's bloody takes its flavor cues from marinara sauce. It's savory but not overly salty, elegant but still very sturdy, and -- though it seems like a small point -- just the right amount of ice. It leaves you with a slight burn in the back of your throat, a lingering tingle on the lips, and goes great with an order of Muddy's breakfast poutine. 

Kelly Moritz
1. Best New Classic
Strip Club's 100% house-made Bloody Mary, $8.50
Tart, meaty, and perfectly spicy, the Strip Club's one hundred percent house-made brunch beverage of choice is the Bloody Mary for people who say they don't like Bloody Marys. Assembled with tasty touches like whole capers, Sriracha and a top secret blend of spices, this mix is as well-balanced as you'd expect from the tastemakers at the Strip Club Meat & Fish. In the words of co-owner Tim Niver, "Sitting, eating brunch, and drinking a bloody Mary is as much about the moment as it is about the aftermath, and getting back to your couch. It should be like a magic carpet ride that just carries you back there." If you've never tried a bloody you could get on board with, but you do like food that tastes good, give this classic version a go and prepare to be converted.

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