100 Favorite Dishes: No. 86, Mesa Pizza's macaroni and cheese pizza

Bala Sivakumar

With their lingering hangovers and late-night, study-break munchies, U of M students were among the first to find solace in Mesa Pizza's macaroni and cheese pizza.

But news of this carb and cheese-filled pie spread fast. The usual long line, sometimes winding out to the sidewalks of Dinkytown, was no longer dense with just early 20-somethings. Everyone had become a fan of Mesa's uniquely indulgent hybrid pizzas.

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Seven years later, the mac and cheese pizza is still among the most popular pies at Mesa. It's surprisingly simple: no fancy cheeses, no impossible-to-pronounce pastas. Mozzarella and cheddar are melted together seamlessly, mixed with elbow macaroni, blended together with a rich cream sauce, and piled on a crispy crust.

Mesa sells their macaroni and cheese pizza by the slice (and not a wimpy slice at that!) or by the 20-inch pie to share.

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Mesa Pizza

1323 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis, MN

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Egnard Elac
Egnard Elac

Other notables. Southwest black bean, Avocado Delight, Gyro, Philly, Eggplant, Pulled pork and pickles, Cordon bleu and, last but not least, the Southern Gentleman.

Kelly Fries
Kelly Fries

Alexa and Alex, Mac and cheese pizza!?!

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