100 Favorite Dishes: No. 86, Mesa Pizza's macaroni and cheese pizza

Bala Sivakumar

With their lingering hangovers and late-night, study-break munchies, U of M students were among the first to find solace in Mesa Pizza's macaroni and cheese pizza.

But news of this carb and cheese-filled pie spread fast. The usual long line, sometimes winding out to the sidewalks of Dinkytown, was no longer dense with just early 20-somethings. Everyone had become a fan of Mesa's uniquely indulgent hybrid pizzas.

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Seven years later, the mac and cheese pizza is still among the most popular pies at Mesa. It's surprisingly simple: no fancy cheeses, no impossible-to-pronounce pastas. Mozzarella and cheddar are melted together seamlessly, mixed with elbow macaroni, blended together with a rich cream sauce, and piled on a crispy crust.

Mesa sells their macaroni and cheese pizza by the slice (and not a wimpy slice at that!) or by the 20-inch pie to share.

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Mesa Pizza

1323 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis, MN

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