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When most of us are thirsty, we grab a glass of water and don't think twice. But it's not so simple for many living around the world. Gaining access to clean water is a daily struggle for millions, and Drinkiply, a local non-profit in partnership with Surge for Water, is out to help those suffering from thirst one drink at a time.

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Starting this Friday night, head to either Herkimer or Moto-i and buy yourself a beer (or diet coke, or bottled water, or glass of wine, or vodka soda) and one day of clean drinking water will be donated to someone in need. It's that simple -- nothing is added to your check and you don't have to give your name and email address. Your drink purchase is really all it takes.

Drinkiply launched after sister company, Eatiply, became a booming success, contributing tens of thousands of meals through local food shelves. Drinkiply works similarly, but the money donated from each purchased drink goes toward constructing wells and other water sources in countries around the world.

So being charitable is as easy as popping into Uptown for a couple beers and apps with friends. Drinkiply hopes to add more participating locations soon, so if Uptown isn't your hood, follow Drinkiply on Facebook for updates.

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