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Courtesy Freehouse Facebook page
A look inside the Volstead Lounge
The newest venture from the Blue Plate Company is just about ready to open their doors in the North Loop. The Freehouse (formerly Loose-Wiles Freehouse), was initially slated to open this week, however, now owners have said next Monday, December 16 will be the big day. (Really, this time.)

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The ambitious project from Stephanie Shimp and David Burley has been beset by delays, including the government shut down. Now it looks like the long wait is nearly over for the North Loop's new neighborhood joint.

While the Freehouse will have some hallmarks of the other Blue Plate Company ventures, like serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner and focusing on approachable dishes with a few diner spins, this restaurant will be its own beast.

For one, they will be brewing their own beer on site.The duo traveled the country brushing up on their brewpub knowledge. Burley even went so far as to study the process of brewmaking -- although they've hired a professional for the Freehouse. They're also doing more food prep in house than the other Blue Plate restaurants, like curing pork belly and baking English muffins from scratch for breakfast. Other pub classics will also be available, like mussels and fries.

The space is impressive, with a giant rotisserie over a fire for chicken roasting, light fixtures fashioned out of kegs, and enormous tanks where the brewing magic will happen. There's even a portrait of former Minnesota Congressman Andrew Volstead crafted entirely out of bottle caps -- a nice little jab at the Prohibitionist.

The Freehouse
701 North Washington Avenue

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spincut13 much of the food is prepped in house at the other places then :/ ?


@citypages Yeah! Another mediocre restaurant from Blue Plate serving mediocre beer! Just 'cause it's local, doesn't mean it's good. Zzzzz


now owners have said next Monday, December 12 will be the big day. (Really, this time.)????????? 

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