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Joy Summers
Chicken curry Bangkok Burrito coming atcha

Good news for food fans near the Lyn/Lake area: World Street Kitchen, home of the Bangkok Burrito and the Yum Yum bowl has teamed up with Rock-it Delivery to bring their tasty menu items directly to your door.

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Thinking of delivery for dinner tonight?
Above is a picture of the delivery area for this fast casual restaurant from the Wadi Brothers. They take orders right up until an hour before the kitchen closes every day, and only ask that you allow 45 minutes for delivery time.

Rock-It Delivery is a bike fueled service, delivering goodies of all kinds to Minneapolis folks (everything from toilet paper to candy, according to their website). They have partnered with other restaurants in the area, including Angel Food Bakery, B'Witched Deli, Common Roots, Glam Doll Donuts, and others. They can even deliver from Sorella Wine and Spirits in downtown Minneapolis.

The service began over the weekend, and so far, reviews are looking good. It's just one more reason to love World Street Kitchen. 

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World Street Kitchen

2743 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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Beth Johnson
Beth Johnson

We've been there, it's good- and is highly recommend the Bangkok burrito!

Ross Levine
Ross Levine

Sweet, they kind of tacked on the North Loop, but a lot of places equidistant don't do that, hooray.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

the delivery should be free and there should be a no tipping policy

too much money for little food

Heather J Alderink
Heather J Alderink

I don't know what a Bangkok burrito is, but I want one! It sounds delicious.

Elena Alsides-Haynes
Elena Alsides-Haynes

Overpriced hipster kitchen? All of their food is under $10 and Sameh Wadi is a brilliant mastermind of a chef. Their staff is friendly and their food delicious. Of course you can get a burrito and a torta somewhere else - but not honestly for that much cheaper, and not with the same creative ingredients (where else can you get a burrito with fried rice and korean bbq short ribs? please share). Stop drinking and spitting up your haterade on people and food, bro.

Andy Ulseth
Andy Ulseth

Does this mean that the food truck will just pull up in front of my apartment and make whatever I want?

Dyl Maxberry
Dyl Maxberry

I like to call it the "overpriced hipster kitchen for Uptownians that are too lazy to get the same food for half the price and bigger portions elsewhere in Minneapolis".

mingtran topcommenter

Plenty of stuff is over $10, I think short rib yum yum bowl is 14.It is spendy for what it is, but I'll still spend it all day

mingtran topcommenter

Where exactly can we get "the same food for half the price and bigger portions elsewhere in mpls"??

I wanna know. I Love wsk, but it is spendy.

ChazDanger topcommenter

@mingtranThis DYL dude hasn't been there before.  If he had, he wouldn't have that bad argument about how you can go to chipotle and get a rice burrito for 7 dollars.

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