Beer of the Week: Harriet's Dark Abbey Ale

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Davin Haukebo-Bol
Harriet Brewing taproom

This week's beer of the week is Harriet Dark Abbey Ale, a Belgian-style dubbel from Harriet Brewing. Fitting with their Belgian-heavy line-up, the beer offers a mixture of medium-dark brews and stronger Belgian styles. It first hits with a sweetened, roasted malt reminiscent of a malty brown ale, but an alcoholic warmth shifts the flavor profile into Belgian territory, with heavy spices that linger.

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There's less of a distinct yeast flavor here and it's well balanced with the malt, making the Dark Abbey Ale more accessible than some beers that bear the Belgian label. It's complex but not overwhelming, with its true identity coming from the spicy finish it offers. This is a beer to savor and enjoy.

While seemingly dark in color, it's more of a deep amber when held to light, offering a clear pour that feels heavy but is less filling than its first impression suggests. Its 7.5 ABV packs a punch and will sneak up after a few.

Dark Abbey Ale is available at select taps across the metro, including Town Hall Lanes, Icehouse, the Bachelor Farmer, and Punch Pizza St. Paul.

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