Vikings' Matt Kalil to bring Pieology Pizza to Minnesota

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Pizza and football go together like lutefisk and church dinners -- one just doesn't feel right without the other. In recent years, some of the sport's biggest stars have latched on to certain pizza chains, dividing pizza fans in the same manner as football fans. Peyton Manning works with Papa John's. Papa Gino's has Tedy Bruschi. And on Monday, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal announced that Matt Kalil, the Minnesota Vikings' offensive lineman, owns the Pieology Pizza franchise rights for the entire state of Minnesota.

"We'll have six locations up and running by the end of this year," Matt Kalil's father, Frank, told the Business Journal. Kalil plans to open the first two locations in Maple Grove and Highland Park before expanding to Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, and Mankato.

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Pieology Pizza is a California-based concept pizza chain serving custom pizzas within five minutes. It's sort of like the pizza version of Subway or Chipotle: Customers walk down a line and choose from three sauces, four cheeses, 17 toppings, and six "after bakes." Menu highlights include herb butter, gorgonzola cheese, artichoke, bacon, meatballs, and pesto. But you don't have to settle; customers can add as many toppings as they like for the same base price of around $8. After the toppings are chosen, the personal pizzas are added to a wood-fire oven and baked for five minutes.

Pieology Pizza is just one of many new pizza restaurants banking on the Chipotle-esque fast-casual concept, many of which were born in California. Chipotle itself opened Pizzeria Locale, its own pizza-based offshoot, in Denver last May.

Pieology's local competitors include Punch Pizza, Pizza Studio, and PizzaRev, which recently partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings and will be expanding to Minnesota this year. PizzaRev and Pizza Studio follow almost the exact same formula as Pieology, while Punch places more of an emphasis on their own concoctions.

Pieology's concept certainly fits with the lunch crowd, but will football fans really run to their local franchise in the middle of a game, or will we continue to rely on Toppers and Luce for our mid-game needs? What do Hot Dish readers think?

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The left side of the pizza is going to be raw with no toppings.  


Because everything just goes around it, easy.

Another flat, small expensive pizza.  But THIS time it's a CHAIN restaurant.

Gee, THAT'LL be good.  LOL!


Do they have turnstyles in honor of his horrible play at LT?


I had the pizza today in Mankato. He just opened up the restaurant. It's pretty good and if you are going for a quick lunch w/a friend - this is definitely an option over Noodles or Chipotle (which are both right down from Pieology). I loved the crust and had the #2. Very good.


Latuffs Pizzeria in Plymouth, MN has THE best New York style thin crust pizza! Not soggy in the middle



Who cares? That pizza looks good and we need a place in town that makes a good crisp thin-crust pizza that isn't soggy in the middle.

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

@WhiteMatt @jason.dorweiler Not that its a bad thing, but there are many already. Just think of all the faltbread styles of pizza there are everywhere (unless those don't count of course). All I know is that the woodstone oven is trending right now and you can get a good thin slice pizza or flatbread practically anywhere.

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