New Hen House Eatery to move into former Peter's Grill location

Courtesy of Hen House Eatery
New breakfast/brunch restaurant, Hen House Eatery, to move into old Peter's Grill Location

We're just over a week into the new year and already it's hard to keep up with the news of restaurant openings and closings. Now it looks like downtown Minneapolis will be getting a new breakfast and brunch spot in the location that once held one of downtown's oldest businesses, Peter's Grill.

Early reports are a bit vague, but according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, the people behind the restaurant met with the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association to seek approval for both a liquor license and outdoor patio seating. According to the official meeting notes, the motion for both the license and the patio seating passed. 

Hen House Eatery will fill in the old Peter's Grill Location
The notes from the meeting list the owners as Tara Koenig, Barb Gardiner, and Maribel Cuadros-Penault and state that the restaurant will have an "urban farmhouse theme." 

According to the restaurant's Facebook page, Hen House Eatery will focus on "fresh, locally-sourced ingredients" and will offer "a vibrant all-day breakfast dining experience in downtown Minneapolis."

Peter's Grill closed last summer after 99 years in business. The owners cited overwhelming competition from Downtown food trucks as the main reason for their closure. Renovations to the old Peter's Grill location are already underway, but as of now it's unclear when Hen House Eatery plans to open its doors.

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David Hlavac
David Hlavac

I think it had less to do with food truck competition and everything to do with the food at Peter's being inedible...

Bree Hanson
Bree Hanson

Whhhhhat!? I am totally bummed! That place was awesome!

Kenny Peterson
Kenny Peterson

REALLY? What culinary god in heaven would allow a name like "Hen House" to be attached to the same space that a legendary place as "Peter's Grill" occupied for decades? Granted - the food, staff, service, etc., could be exceptional - but let's get a bit more creative with a name. How ridiculous!


If the food at Peter's was so inedible, how did the family stay in

business for 99 years???????????

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