Pat's Tap and Pig & Fiddle make Food & Wine's list of best gastropubs

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In a trend that doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon, a few more Twin Cities establishments have earned national nods. This time, Food & Wine magazine has put South Minneapolis' Pat's Tap and Pig & Fiddle on its list of best gastropubs. This marks the second time in less than a week that Twin Cities bars have gained national recognition.

The article cites a hearty beer selection, a "lively" menu, and their vintage skee-ball setup as a few of the reasons for their Pat's Tap pick. As for the Pig & Fiddle, it's the long list of local taps coupled with a chef-driven Eastern European style menu. The two Minneapolis locations join national ranks with the likes of New York's Spotted Pig, Chicago's The Publican, and Wisconsin's The Old Fashioned. 

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Photo courtesy of Pig & Fiddle
Pig & Fiddle's Pierogis as mentioned by Food & Wine
We had a chance to chat with Pat's Tap manager Alex Jacoby, who explains that he was originally contacted by Food & Wine over 4 months ago, although at the time he had no idea what kind of article they were going to be doing. According to Jacoby, what makes Pat's Tap list-worthy, is that, unlike some other gastropubs that tend to lean a little toward fine dining, "We go for more of a pub atmosphere with the high quality food. We try to have more of the light, fun, and lively atmosphere, and that to me is what makes a gastropub."

We asked Jacoby for a food and beer recommendation and according to him, if you've got to have any one thing at Pat's Tap, "it's the grass-fed beef cheeseburger. It comes with a piece of Wisconsin sharp white cheddar and we grill that on the flat-top. When they toss it on top, you've got this cheese with a golden brown top that melts over the burger and then they put a large heirloom tomato slice on it. It's fantastic."

Jacoby suggests washing that down with a pint of Indeed Brewing's Day Tripper.

Pat's Tap has 20 rotating taps with over 130 different canned beers. Their goal is to have no fewer than 150 beers available at any given time. Pig & Fiddle has 36 taps, including a heavy selection of local brews.

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Hilary Doyscher Cheeley
Hilary Doyscher Cheeley

It's about time. I read F&W and I feel like the Twin Cities rarely gets props in this magazine.

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