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From hot new restaurants opening to beloved eateries closing their doors, the Hot Dish was all over the Twin Cities food scene this year. As we enter a new year, here are a few of the most popular posts of 2013.

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Joy Summers
10. 2nd Annual Food Truck Fair moves to Uptown
After the controversy surrounding the first year of the Food Truck Fair, we chatted with one of the organizers to see how 2013 would be different.

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Joy Summers
9. Red Cow now open near 50th and France: Here's a first look inside
We showed off the goods from Luke Shimp's new restaurant.

Screenshot from
8. New website lists the food code violations at every restaurant in Minneapolis
A locally based open data researcher used his expertise to inventory the health code violations of Minneapolis restaurants in one spot.

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Tony Nelson
7. Trouble at True Thai
We investigated the changes that started rolling in at the award-winning Thai restaurant early this fall.

Kelly Moritz
6. Top 10 donuts in the Twin Cities
A list that would make even Homer Simpson envious of the Twin Cities.

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