WholeMe: a new grain-free, gluten-free, and seriously full of flavor line of snacks

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For your breakfast consideration
Do you ever find yourself over-thinking breakfast, desperately seeking the healthiest option and instead landing in food paralysis? Half an hour later you find yourself bleary eyed with a discarded wrapper from a less-than-healthy choice crumpled like so much willpower beside your listless arm.

Bread is bad, meat is murder, are we drinking dairy this week? It's no wonder that we so often end up hitting the McMuffins with a vengeance reserved for someone who owes us money. Luckily, there's a new product in town, the brain child of a lauded local pastry chef and the assistant dean at the University of Minnesota.

We were skeptical of the wholesome, delicious claims, until we opened the bag of WholeMe cereal. Now, we're logging onto their Kickstarter and manically hitting "refresh." 

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Krista Steinbach was last seen creating confections inside the kitchen at The Bachelor Farmer. Before that, she had won us over with her brilliantly flavored cupcakes at the now defunct Sweets Bakeshop. It's not an obvious career track to go from making desserts for one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis to creating nutritious grab-and-go foods, but when she partnered with Mary Kosir they created their new line of WholeMe items. "When we decided to launch a grain-free snack line, our mission was to help people feel their absolute best," said Steinbach.

The line is currently available at select coffee shops and grocery stores in Minnesota as well as Iowa, Hawaii, and California. The bars are cheekily called DateMe and WakeMe. The cereal is even more forward: EatMe.

The ingredient list is an easy read. Everything could be found in your pantry: dates, pecans, espresso, cocoa nibs, coconut oil, and eggs.

Our first bite was a handful of the cereal. Perfumed with sweet almonds, it's satisfyingly crunchy and studded with adorable little pepitas and sunflower seeds. Usually we judge healthy snacks like these by whether or not they're repugnant, but this was good. Really, really good. A coconut, creamy sweetness is tempered with just a tiny bit of salt and had us immediately reaching for another handful. The ingredients are combined to provide the body nutrient-dense fuel. Whether heading to yoga, or just dashing out the door, a couple of scoops and you'll be satisfied all day.

Photo courtesy of WholeMe
DateMe bar has us saying marry me!

The DateMe bar was equally delightful. They need to be refrigerated, though that's not hard to do in the bottom of your bag as you commute in this weather. The dates take the bar to the edge of sweetness, without ever being cloying. The chew is satisfying, letting your body know you're actually eating real food. Again, they were filling and darn good.

These bars cover almost all the major dietary needs, whether you're just watching what you eat, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, diabetic, health-nut, or dairy-free. Plus, did we mention they're delicious?

The next step for WholeMe is a Kickstarter campaign that got rolling on Saturday. They're hoping to expand their reach through crowd-sourced funding, and with a goal of $40,000, they plan to evolve their packaging and get the word out at trade shows and food events. From there, they'll work on developing and launching even more products. 

Their current line of snacks can be purchased through their website or around town at spots like Truce Juice, Local D'Lish, Golden Fig, and area CrossFit gyms.

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Maize Diffley
Maize Diffley

I just do it becuase its so much better for my body. I m truly balanced now.

Jodi Michelle
Jodi Michelle

I love it. I know of two people who are truly gluten intolerant. Celiac disease.

Alison McMullen
Alison McMullen

Wake me is amazing! I'm not gf/df but buy it weekly!

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