100 Favorite Dishes: No. 32, Hello Pizza's smoky greens salad

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A truly satisfying salad
If you're surprised to see a salad rank so high on this list then you clearly haven't had this salad. Vegetarians say it brings them back to their meat-eating days and current carnivores can't believe it's bacon-free. The smoky greens salad at Hello Pizza is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, on a bed of perfectly dressed mixed lettuces.

Let's dig in.

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There is deliciously sharp Moody Blue cheese and a generous handful of spicy baked pumpkin seeds decorating this salad, but the real centerpiece is the applewood-smoked onions. They're pungently smoky, as the dish's name promises, and chopped up into little bits so as to permeate all the components. The mix comes dressed in a house-made sherry vinaigrette and is served in a shareable portion so there's no reason to not get one along with your slices. And you know, if you get salad with pizza, then everything is healthy. 

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Hello Pizza

3904 Sunnyside Road, Minneapolis, MN

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