Beer of the Week: Northbound Smokehouse's doppelbock

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This week's beer of the week is Northbound Smokehouse's doppelbock. The selection is a winter seasonal that pours a dark brown and offers roasted malts, chocolate, and caramel notes in a full body beer. The doppelbock comes in 10-ounce pours from the brewpub, fitting of its body and 8.3% ABV.

The beer was also used as the base recipe for their recent Eisbock.

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This beer is a warm one, perfect for a colder than average winter. The first impressions come from the strong malted characteristics, which lend a caramel and chocolate sweetness, complemented by a matching aroma, described by Northbound Smokehouse's website as "a traditional, caramely, fruity dobbelbock with a touch of roast character from the Carafa malt." The stronger alcohol presence is felt in the finish, which is clean with little lingering. The heavy complexion pairs well with the smoked meats on the menu, and the clean finish helps to accent the various seasonings in the meats.

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