Epicurious names Icehouse wings some of the best in America

The wings at Icehouse come in at number 22 on Epicurious' list of Best Wings in America
When it comes to a big platter of wings, it's hard to really go wrong. But what if some of the best wings in the country were hiding right under your nose, right in plain sight? The folks at Epicurious have put together a list of their top 25 plates of wings across the country and Minneapolis's Icehouse makes the grade. 

The article, published late last week, mentions the extended careers of chefs Matt Bickford and Mike Ryan, who came up in the ranks at such notable restaurants as D'Amico Cucina and La Belle Vie, before breaking off on their own to open Be'wiched Deli and Icehouse.

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Photo by Steve Cohen
The wings at Icehouse can be found on their "snacks" menu
The tagline for the Epicurious post reads, "coast to coast, deep-fryer to roast, these are the tastiest chicken wings in america, straight from the menus of some of the country's hottest kitchens," and details a wide array of wings from across the country.

Epicurious notes that the wings at Icehouse are an evolving work of art, featuring an ever changing array of flavors. According to the site, "In one Buffalo-style iteration, wings are served with blue cheese mousse and pickled celery. In another version, the wings are frenched to resemble lollipops, cured in a mixed-spice dry rub, smoked over hickory wood, then flash-fried and garnished with green-tomato chutney and smoky barbecued carrots."

For all interested parties, the wings on Icehouse's current menu are the dry rubbed BBQ wings mentioned above.

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