Salut Edina's new head chef brings fresh flavors to the table

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Salut Edina has a changing of the guard; Stephen Jones is named new head chef.
It appears as though there's been a bit of a shakeup over at Edina's premier French restaurant, Salut. Parasole, the company behind Salut (and several other Twin Cities eateries), has announced that longtime head chef Christopher Van Proosdy has opted for a career change and moved on to work with a local fish purveyor. Taking his role will be longtime sous chef Stephen Jones.

Jones has a career history rooted in French technique and pan-Asian-inspired cuisine. He was brought into the Parasole family in 2008 as the executive chef of Good Earth. The swap in staff was made early last week.

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We had the chance to chat with the new chef about his previous experience and the direction Salut will take in the future.

Jones started restaurant work at the age of 17 as a dishwasher, before going on to attend the culinary program at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. After graduating he moved to Boston where he worked at a well-known restaurant at the time called Salamander, which focused on French technique and pan-Asian cuisine.

Chef Jones tells us that he originally moved to the area to start a hobby farm near Taylors Falls, but after that didn't pan out, he went to work for Parasole at Good Earth. Eventually, he moved into his role as sous chef at Salut.

When we asked Jones about some of his plans for future menus, he said, "We've always done seasonal menu changes here at Salut. The core menu will stay exactly the same; there's things that never go away, the staples. But we are going to do a pretty extensive spring menu launch hopefully and maybe pull in some of that southeast Asian influence. You know, not only did the French influence southeast Asia, but also vice-versa, so there's some cross-play there that we can definitely tap into."

So, for now, it sounds like it will largely be French-inspired business as usual, but we're excited to see what some of chef Jones's Asian influences could look like on future iterations of Salut's mostly classic menu.

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Bob B Bopp
Bob B Bopp

Darling, have the butler bring the Bentley around...Snobut Edina has a new chef!

Bob Taugner
Bob Taugner

Dang. There's something off-putting about gray-colored looks-kinda-like-meat stuff.

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