Saint Bernard at Bryant Lake Bowl: Get rescued by this drink of the week

Sit, stay, snuggle up with Bryant Lake Bowl's Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard
Bryant Lake Bowl

Have the children of the upper Midwest gone to school at all since November? With the elements we've been dealt, kids are having the best winter ever, minus the cabin fever and the make-up days in June. Remember romping in the snow until you were red in the face and the numb in the toes, and coming in to thaw with a big mug of hot chocolate? You can do that still (now with booze!) After schlepping yourself in a two-plus hour commute, or shoveling yourself out in time for the next snow emergency, tumble in to Bryant Lake Bowl and get a much needed assist from their cozy Saint Bernard.

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The Saint Bernard employs Dolin's Génépy des Alpes to create a grown and sexy hot chocolate worth savoring, without the Swiss Miss or mini mallows. This hard-to-find liqueur has a flavor profile that falls somewhere between chartreuse and absinthe, made from a variety of alpine botanicals, including Genepi, or wormwood. Strong, sweet, and intensely herbal, this is not your average glug of schnapps.

In fact, once you've been pulled out of a crabby snow funk by a Saint Bernard, you may never be able to enjoy a plain hot chocolate again, or coffee, or your favorite aperitif for that matter. This liqueur is beautifully composed, with a peppermint and vanilla finish that makes it the perfect accompaniment to this frigid season. The Saint Bernard is loyal, it's true, and it makes the "snow day" something to celebrate again.

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Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

810 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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henk.tobias0 topcommenter

Funny, I clicked on this story thinking it might tell me what the drink of the week was, beyond the name i mean, like maybe what's in it? Silly me. Hot Chocolate with Booze? So do we assume its brandy and hot chocolate?

henk.tobias0 topcommenter

Oops, didn't read past the perfect tom collins link. Why is that in the middle of the article rather than the end?

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