Surly teams with Three Floyds and Real Ale to release BLAKKR Ale

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Michael Berglund (Surly artist), Erik Ogershok (Real Ale Brewing Co.), Todd Haug (Surly), Barnaby Struve (Three Floyds Brewing)
Surly Brewing will soon unveil a new beer, BLAKKR Imperial Black Ale. The beer is a joint project with Three Floyds Brewing (Indiana) and Real Ale Brewing (Texas) and will see limited release in each of those markets as well in the Twin Cities.

BLAKKR is a Norse word meaning "dark" or "black," appropriate as the beer was created by three brewers who are all big metal fans. "The idea of a collaboration goes back a few years," says Surly headbrewer Todd Haug. "Metal and beer. The idea started as a way for like-minded brewers to join forces to create a beer inspired by our love and respect of metal and [to] get the beer into more territories than any individual brewery could reach." After gaining momentum last summer, it took six months to collaborate while working between their different companies.

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Michael Berglund

The result is a dark and extreme beer, bearing a 9.99% ABV and 85 IBU count. The three-headed beast on the can, courtesy of artist Michael Berglund, is a reference to the three brewers and BLAKKR's metal heritage.

Making its debut at a Grumpy's Downtown release party on February 24, BLAKKR will also be available in cans and at other bars around town. For those who make the journey to SXSW in March, Real Ale is planning to launch the brew on March 15 where Haug will be playing with his band Vulgaari.

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