100 Favorite Dishes: No. 27, Victory 44's pate

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Joy Summers
Creamy pate with crispy homemade crackers
It's possible that chef Erick Harcey of Victory 44 is incapable of making an ugly plate of food. No matter the dish, Harcey routinely turns out visual feasts -- to say nothing of the flavors. His pate, a humble dish not often known as the belle of the food-pic-worthy ball, is a stunner, garnished with crisp prosciutto and dark blueberries that shine like jewels.

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Joy Summers
You're going to have to get your own
Though served alongside homemade crackers with a pretzel-like flavor, this unctuous soft and creamy dip is even fit for the gluten-free: That pate spreads just as beautifully on the slices of crispy prosciutto. Before the richness overwhelms you, pop a blueberry in your mouth and enjoy a full sensory memory of the late summer sun. Bite after bite, this is a dish that tastes just as lovely as it looks.

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Victory 44

2203 44th Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN

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