Couple launches Kickstarter for waffle ambulance [VIDEO]

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Via 91Waffle's Kickstarter page
We need 2 cc of maple syrup, STAT.
Your wildest waffle dreams may soon come true. Last week, Minnesotan couple Shana Antonissen and Tony McMullin launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their groundbreaking food truck concept, "91Waffle."

Their idea is to serve sweet and savory waffle sandwiches out of an '89 Ford Diesel ambulance at state fairs across the country. In the downtime between fairs, they plan to serve their waffles around the Twin Cities. The couple is asking for a whopping $17,000 to help gut the truck and transform its interior into a kitchen space, for which they need fridges, sinks, and a propane generator.

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The couple plans to serve two varieties of waffles, including a round Brussels waffle that they'll use like a taco shell for sweet and savory ingredients and the Liege, a dessert waffle.

"The whole premise of this is to take this fantastic truck and retrofit a kitchen inside of the back of it to serve these delicious 91Waffle sandwiches," McMullin says in the couple's promo video. "My passion has always been behind the ambulance and the paramedics who save lives every day."

Only $300 has been pledged so far, but fans still have 27 days to donate. Prizes for donating include hats, stickers, waffle punch cards, 91Waffle hoodies and t-shirts, catering events, ad space, and a medic badge that's good for a full year of free waffles.

If that's not convincing enough, maybe this video will do the trick:

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Cynthia Sjodin
Cynthia Sjodin

If medical marijuanna passes, this might get real popular real quick!

John Moore
John Moore

just get a regular food truck and paint a cross on it

John Wolfsberger
John Wolfsberger

I have seen what happens in the back of an ambulance, and you will NEVER get one clean enough for me to eat out of. Even with 17K worth of bleach.

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