Fake chef conned his way onto five Midwestern morning shows [VIDEO]

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Days after last Thanksgiving, Chef Keith visited five local news stations around Illinois and Wisconsin to promote his new book, Leftovers Right: Making a Winner of Last Night's Dinner. The "self-taught" chef, who told one reporter that people compare his cooking to infamous feces eater GG Allin, scooped mashed potatoes into ice cream cones with room temperature gravy at the bottom, made a Thanksgiving leftover smoothie (complete with ham, gravy, and pie), and convinced reporters to use permanent markers to trace their hands on flatbread. And yet, no one batted an eye until the videos were posted on the Found Footage Festival's website on Monday morning.

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Chef Keith was created by the Found Footage Festival's founders, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, the latter of whom played Keith on air. Joe Pickett also had a hand in conceptualizing K-Strass, the bumbling yo-yo master (played by Mark Proksch) who tricked a number of local news stations into giving him spots on their morning shows and would proceed to either injure himself or break his yo-yo after long, delusional spiels.

Besides blending together Thanksgiving leftovers for a "Turbo Gravy," Chef Keith knocked over a table, convinced a reporter to beatbox while he rapped about leftovers, and tastefully attributed high suicide rates around the holidays to the stress over what to do with leftover food. Best of all, the reporters were more than willing to try the disgusting blended concoctions Keith came up with.

If you're not satisfied with the clips Picket and Prueher posted on their website, you can purchase a double DVD set with the complete set of clips from both Chef Keith and K-Strass's TV debuts for $15 at the Found Footage Festival's online store.

Check out Chef Keith's full Milwaukee segment below:

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Jon Woo
Jon Woo

Genius! Warm gravy in an ice cream cone. That's too funny.


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