Red Cow hosts Oskar Blues Brewery and introduces new grass-fed burgers

Edina's Red Cow launches a new weekly grass-fed beef burger and celebrates with Oskar Blues
At the beginning of the month, Oskar Blues Brewery announced it would be moving its brand of canned craft beer into the Twin Cities market. Now this Colorado-based brewery has taken over a tap at Edina's Red Cow, with a selection of 12 drafts, including a few highly exclusive beers that will only be available at Red Cow and only while supplies last. That's not all: To celebrate the brewery's arrival, the Red Cow has also introduced a weekly burger special to its gourmet burger offerings. Consider this an invitation to get your beer and burger fix.

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Red Cow owner Luke Shimp says he felt an overwhelming sense of inspiration from the folks at Oskar Blues when he decided to launch a new line of grass-fed burgers. 

Oskar Blues not only brews its own beer, but also has its own farm where the brewing ingredients are grown. In addition to growing hops and malt, Oskar Blues also raises grass-fed cattle for its restaurants, and it's this that has inspired Red Cow to launch the new line of grass-fed beef burgers, which will rotate out on a scheduled, likely weekly, basis. 

The first burger on the menu is, naturally, the Oskar Blues Burger, which features a grass-fed beef patty, a slice of AmaBlu cave-aged blue cheese from Caves of Fairbault, and a black pepper, rosemary, and apricot jam, served on a soft, buttery bun courtesy of A Baker's Wife in south Minneapolis. The burger is rich and packed full of intense flavors and if you get down to Red Cow right away, you might be able to get yours with beef flown in from the Oskar Blues farm. 

Oskar Blues will eventually have its drafts in several other bars and restaurants across the Twin Cities. Expect to find the brewery's six primary varieties, including Dales Pale Ale, Mama's Little Yella Pils, Old Chub Scotch Ale, G'Knight Imperial Red IPA, Deviant Dale's IPA, and Ten Fiddy, which is a rich and chocolaty imperial stout.

According to a representative from Oskar Blues, the company doesn't like to do a whole lot in the way of seasonal varieties, but does occasionally offer limited runs of specialty brews, like the ones temporarily featured at Red Cow. 

Look for Oskar Blues to pop up in bars and restaurants across the Twin Cities, but for now, get your fix over at Red Cow and maybe supplement it with a burger back.

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Kristyn Ober
Kristyn Ober

Fred Lange... looks like a road trip is in order

digitalprotocol topcommenter

how many ounces is this burger???  more than 8 one would hope

in the picture its just the burger! no sides!  14 dollars

you fucking thieves 

digitalprotocol topcommenter

how much will these burgers cost ?  20 dollars

good god

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@jason.dorweiler  ZOMG ZOMG  add tax and tip and a free water and they just stole 20 dollars from you

this whole food restaurant shit is out of control.

places charging 1.50 for a cooked egg

2 dollars for toast

what is this an 8oz burger for 14$  SHAMEFUL

to produce 4oz of red meat it takes as much water as running your faucet 24/7 for 7 days

the harm done by all of the animals kept and raised for food is worse for the ecosphere than ALL of the cars on the planet

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