5 best breakfast spots in St. Paul

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Want to start your day the St. Paul way?
If you roll out of bed in the Saintly City, you'll find several spots to tickle your tastebuds first thing in the morning. Sampling our way from biscuits covered in milk gravy to crispy cured bacon, we've scoured St. Paul and rounded up the very best places to go for breakfast.

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Bree McGee
A European-styled treasure in St. Anthony Park
5. Finnish Bistro, 2264 Como Ave.
This picturesque cafe in St. Anthony Park will make you double check the address to be sure you're still in Minnesota and not some quaint European town. The Bistro was founded in 2004 by Soile Anderson and was sold to longtime family friend Sandra Weise a year ago. Weise retained all the cafe's favorites, including oatcakes spiced with cardamom, slathered with cinnamon butter, and buried under a thick blanket of real maple syrup; lefse that makes a Minnesotan's heart rejoice, folded with scrambled eggs and slices of crispy bacon; and a bakery case stocked with treats you can wrap up in white paper and tuck into your hands as a little something to carry you through the day.

Thumbnail image for French_Hen_Biscuits_gravy.JPG
Joy Summers
A right proper biscuits and gravy
4. The French Hen, 518 Selby Ave.
Surrounding yourself in the perfume of a flower shop isn't a bad way to start the day. Head over to Cathedral Hill and pop into the sweet little French Hen for a filling breakfast and an added bonus of floral therapy. (To get to the French Hen, diners enter through the doorway the restaurant shares with Fleur de Lis flower shop.) Since opening, the French Hen has earned a reputation for its beloved biscuits and gravy. The sturdy biscuits and sausage-studded, scratch-made milk gravy are simply wonderful. But if B&G isn't your thing, try the crustless quiche: A bowl is lined with hash browns and topped with an egg and spinach mixture that's cooked to a custard-like consistency. It's a fabulous breakfast dish that also happens to be gluten-free. 

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