Take a peek inside Sean Anonymous's fridge [VIDEO]

Welcome to Hot Dish's new series, "What's in your fridge?" where we give you an exclusive look at the insides of local celebrities' refrigerators, followed by a rapid fire round of questions about their eating habits. You know you're curious.


We met up with Sean Anonymous at the South Minneapolis home he shares with Lizzo, Phillip Morris, and two other roomies. Sean is a member of local groups Wide Eyes and Bottom Feeders, as well a solo rapper who's performed at Warped Tour, First Ave, and SXSW, where he opened for Macklemore.

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Hot Dish: What's your favorite restaurant?

SA: Anybody could probably tell you. My favorite place to go is the Hard Times. I also love the Seward. I started going to the Hard Times when I was 15.

What do you like there?

Biscuits and gravy is probably my favorite... and the quesadilla. One thing, word to the wise, make sure you bring a whole pack of gum and eat the whole thing after, because their salsa will stick with you for hours.

What's your favorite pizza place?

Pizza Luce, probably. Personally, I like the Rangler made vegan. A lot of people don't like BBQ sauce on their pizza though. Galactic Pizza's really good too.

Where do you eat after a show?

Most of the shows I've been going to are a First Ave, so I'll got to the Depot because their food is awesome.

Favorite comfort food?

Probably pizza. Or mac and cheese.

Any spots you've been dying to check out?

I'd like to check out Pho Tau Bay sometime... I'm pretty sure that's the spot Andrew Zimmern recommended for Vietnamese food, which I'm really into. I usually go Quang.

You can check out Sean Anonymous's music here and here.

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@SeanAnonymous thx for reminding us that eating oughta be judgement free. I dig your jar game... ♻️ them to me...?! i'll hook ⬆️pickle yums!

digitalprotocol topcommenter

oh wait, you got 4 roomies  LOL i bet you live on 28th and 1st or some shit

so most of that food is probably not Seans

digitalprotocol topcommenter

huh... i like the toothpick look

this dude is urban as fuck ... going to hard times since he was 15...thats hardcore bro

my only question is, did your daddy pay for all that food in your fridge?

how the fuck can you afford to have all that food tho?

CP should come see my fridge to see how real motherfuckers be living

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