Hell's Kitchen to offer snowstorm discount Friday, in honor of this interminable winter

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Happy Spring, everyone! Isn't it lovely to feel the sun's rays on your pale skin, to turn down your tired radiator, and to watch your Uptown garden begin to grow? Oh wait, this is Minnesota, the land of two seasons: excessively hot and dangerously cold. According to every radio station within a 30-mile radius, we're about to get pounded with a whopping six to 10 inches of snow. In April. Fifteen days after the start of spring. Why do we live here again?

When Minnesota is on its worst behavior, it's places like Hell's Kitchen that keep us from acting on impulse and buying the next one-way ticket to Arizona. During tomorrow's spring snowstorm, Hell's Kitchen is offering 50 percent off any entree when you purchase another of equal or greater value. Act while you can, because this is the first (and could be the last) deal of its kind.

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Hell's Kitchen is no stranger to creative meal deals. Earlier this year, they invited the entire town of Embarrass, Minnesota to join them for a free Saturday brunch of pancakes and Bloody Marys. Tomorrow's 50 percent off deal may not be up to that caliber, but at least you won't be driving three and a half hours (we're looking at you, Embarrass) to take them up on it.

Just be careful out there! We don't want to see another pileup result from your rushed trip to Hell's Kitchen. The deal is on all day and night, so take your sweet, uber cautious time.

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"Pale skin"? By "everyone" do you just mean the caucasian people who you assume are the only ones who read City Pages and/or dines at Hell's Kitchen? I'm sure it was unintentional, but, what a poor choice of words.

k2yeb topcommenter

Mmm.....Peanut Butter


@wardell.austin45  every skin color gets a paler tone when it's not in a sun.  The problem is that people like you read articles and constantly look for any morsel of possible discrimination.

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