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The skybar at Uptown Cafeteria, will it remain the same?

It was back in 2011 that Tim McKee first joined Parasole as VP of culinary development. In that time, he has worked with them on several restaurants, bringing in chefs from his stable of talent to run the kitchens at Chino Latino and Il Gatto and helping open several other restaurants like Uptown Cafeteria. The neighborhood and the partnership continue to flourish, and McKee is about to open another Parasole restaurant -- except this time one thing will be different.

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James Beard Award-winning chef Tim McKee

While all of the other restaurants McKee worked on for Parasole were Parasole concepts, this time around, the concept will be entirely McKee's. Unfortunately, McKee is currently traveling in Argentina, and could not be reached to elaborate on what that concept will be.

So let the speculation begin! The location is under wraps, but Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine is guessing that the flagging Uptown Cafeteria might be the perfect spot for a McKee revamp. Although we'd also note that the former Il Gatto space is still vacant.

We're staying tuned for an opening date and location, and will post more details as they arise.

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Jessica Ruth
Jessica Ruth

I think Parasole needs to knock it off for a while. Unless they're finally going to offer a REAL happy hour.


Resurrect Il Gatto! Or at least bring back the fig and goat cheese pizza for chrissakes.

Andrew Berg
Andrew Berg

Hasn't Parasole learned from Il Gatto what happens when you take something that generally works (Figlio) and throw it out completely? Figlio had some age to it (hey, a good sign in a restaurant!) but it was a good concept and always had people! All Figlio needed was possibly some cosmetic remodeling - close the place for 2-4 weeks and freshen it up a bit, maybe even change up the bar and menu offerings a bit. But apparently that wasn't good enough for them.

Shayne O'Neil
Shayne O'Neil

My insider tells me they're turning it into a steak house.

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