The Bachelor Farmer announces Khanh Tran as new pastry chef

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Photo courtesy of the Bachelor Farmer
Khanh Tran brings her beautiful desserts to the Bachelor Farmer

It's official: One of the best restaurants in Minneapolis now employs one of the best pastry chefs in Minneapolis. In a pairing that makes so much sense, the Bachelor Farmer announced yesterday that Khanh Tran has joined its team.

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Tran, who won a Charlie Award in 2011 for creating the best desserts in town, is well known for her stunning, sweet plates. She has spent time inside such lauded kitchens as Auriga, Levain, 20.21, and most recently, Cosmos and Graves 601.

The Bachelor Farmer's last big-name pastry chef, Krista Steinbach, left to open her own company, Whole Me, which bakes delicious breakfast bars and granola. 

Tran's new pastry menu is currently under construction, as yesterday was just her first day, but this new collaboration can only end well for all of us.

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The Bachelor Farmer

50 N. 2nd Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Amber Ranzau
Amber Ranzau

Sune Naude... Thought of you when I read this.


Anyone know the story with Krista Steinbach and whatever the deal was with Sweets? 

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