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Chef-driven cuisine coming to the east side
This summer, St. Paul's historic Payne-Phalen neighborhood will welcome a new restaurant dedicated to serving only humanely raised animals. Tongue in Cheek is moving in with an experienced St. Paul restaurant crew and sights set on an early June opening date.

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The Tongue in Cheek team consists of some notable culinary forces, including chef Leonard Anderson, formerly of W.A. Frost and the Hanger Room; Ashlee Newman, a former manager at Nochee; and Ryan Huseby, the former general manager of the Happy Gnome and one-time assistant general manager at W.A. Frost.

The menu will be simple, American cuisine with a fine dining finish, and the dishes will change often, with a special focus on ethically raised, sustainably sourced meats. The Tongue in Cheek website lists several farms, including Stickney Dairy and Zweber Farms. They will also have a full liquor license and are planning a menu of craft cocktails as well as wine and beer selections.

A sample menu includes a risotto tater tot, scallops grilled and roasted with smoked potatoes, and braised pork with peaches, cardamom, and asparagus. And because no self-respecting meat-centric spot would be complete without it, the menu will feature a burger. 

Tongue in Cheek will be open for dinner service Tuesday through Sunday with a brunch service on the weekends. Perhaps this will take a little brunch pressure off their new neighbors, Ward 6 on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

989 Payne Ave., St. Paul

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Eric Hackman
Eric Hackman

Neighborhood hatred and pothole complaints. Not really the forum for that. How about encouraging people for putting good food in different places. Ward 6 is doing just fine. Revitalize.

Rich Rudin
Rich Rudin

I hope they fix all the pot holes

Jodi Miller
Jodi Miller

It's a perfect neighborhood. The Buttered Tin and Ward 6 are doing well. The neighborhood needs more quality places like this coming in!

Jake Wood
Jake Wood

ur face is a terrible neighborhood

Can Nah
Can Nah

Meing Stormageddon Yang Mona Moua Christina Yang Woo hoo STP!

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