Bauhaus Brew Labs is crowdsourcing ideas for new taproom with a hilarious video

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Loren Green

Bauhaus Brew Labs, the northeast Minneapolis brewery set to open this summer, is seeking ways to make their headquarters "a veritable beer lover's utopia," says head brewer Matt Schwandt. Those unique touches, though, come at a cost for the start-up business. "While we've raised enough money to build out our production side and start brewing, the taproom needs to be more than just a place to drink Bauhaus beer -- it needs to be something truly unique," he says.

And so Bauhaus has launched a Kickstarter campaign that solicits ideas just as much as it asks for dough. They're seeking customer feedback and fun ideas to make the site stand out as an active place to enjoy a beer and a night out. With the crowdfunding, the primary goals are to add a stage and sound system for their house band Viva Knievel (featuring Bauhaus staff and ex-White Light Riot members), an HD projector, a massive outdoor biergarden, and a laboratory for the brewery, but they're open to changing those plans if the right ideas are proposed.

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Loren Green
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Bauhaus is a family-run business, with eight members taking on various roles at the new company. "From day one we set out to make Bauhaus all about involving people as a part of our family, to really be a part of this brewery," says Vice President Lydia Haines. "What better way to start than have them dream up some of the fun things we'll do at the taproom?"

What ideas are they looking for? Haines is open to anything.

"We talk about karaoke night, movie night. Mike [Schwandt] had an idea for a murder mystery night where 50 of us drink beer and find out whodunnit? Can you imagine? We want people to come up with anything that inspires community and togetherness...[just not] things that are illegal or dangerous!"

The family definitely has an eye for the absurd, as their fundraising short film pitch sums up here:

Is Kickstarter the key to welcoming a larger family into the Northeast beer scene? Only time will tell, but there are a lot of fun ideas brewing.

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k2yeb topcommenter

So nice to see people want to help charitable organizations...oh wait.

This crowdfunding for businesses needs to stop. Well, I guess a fool and his money are easily seperated. What a joke. Its probably funny, b/c they don't need to spend time working on a business proposal to take to a bank.


Rather technically as they say in the video and multiple times in copy other places, the business if fully funded. The kick starter is strictly for making the taproom more fun instead of just functional, not to mention the benefit of getting support from the local craft beer drinkers. Maybe you should read more than headline next time.

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