Chef Doug Flicker on balancing serious eats at Piccolo and summer fun at Sandcastle

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Doug Flicker is a chef about town. His beloved fine-dining eatery Piccolo continues to push boundaries in molecular gastronomy, while his casual beach joint Sandcastle has Kickstarted its way into a successful second season. At the start of next month, he'll head up a foraging dinner at Star Thrower Farm in Glencoe, Minnesota. Flicker took a few moments to sit down with Hot Dish and chat about expansion and juggling the two worlds of summertime fun and serious eats.

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Hot Dish: What's coming up for you in the next couple of months with Piccolo and Sandcastle?

Doug Flicker: Sandcastle officially opened May 10, and with that the construction started for the built-up patio. It's a major expansion going out towards the lake [with] more covered seating.

When is that going to be wrapped up?

They're telling us around the middle of June, so hopefully Memorial Day weekend they will have all the groundwork done [too], all the cement, and then we will actually be able to use our liquor license at that point. Then a couple weeks later they should have everything wrapped up.

What are you going to be serving once you get the license?

We will have Fultons. I believe we are doing the Lonely Blonde and the Summit IPA. We've got three wines on tap -- two whites and a red. We're doing kombucha from Verdant Tea on tap. Then various tall boys and stuff like that.

How do you juggle Sandcastle and Piccolo?

Good people. We have a new chef at Sandcastle and a sous chef that came back from last year. I do the menu and everything sort of trickles down from me. I spend two days there and four days at Piccolo. It's delegating. It's hard, too. Piccolo has always been very, very hands-on, and my baby. It still is. I spend most of my time there, but it's very difficult to be in one place and not think about the other place. You just trust that everything is getting done.

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